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How to support your local community in a time of uncertainty

As we all take the necessary steps to prepare our homes and families for the current global crisis around COVID-19, it’s hard not to observe the long lines, empty shelves at grocery stores, and general sense of urgency. And while we all want to stay safe, now is also a time to think about how we can support our local communities and those that may not have the ability or means to prepare as abundantly as others. Besides practicing social distancing to help stop the spread of the virus, here are a few additional ways we can all do our part. 

  • Close to 30 million children use the National School Lunch Program each year and families rely on those resources. With many schools closed, this can leave families wondering how they are going to get their next meal. Find your local food bank to see what donations are needed or donate to meals on wheels to help those most at risk in America.
  • The American Red Cross is asking for healthy, eligible individuals to schedule a donation appointment to help maintain a sufficient supply and avoid shortages. If you don’t feel comfortable visiting a donation center, you can check their website to understand other ways of contributing. 
  • Local businesses are hurting as foot traffic declines. A few small ways to help small businesses stay afloat through the crisis, for those with the means, can be buying a gift card, shopping online, and ordering delivery. 

Comment if you have any other tips to share!


  • Great ideas @lauramighdoll - what we can do to support each other and our community is a really positive and important initiative. Thanks for posting!

  • Thanks for sharing. I agree that this is so important that we come together as a community and support each other. I also love to see local companies continuing to pay hourly workers affected by the work from home policies.

  • I love the idea of buying gift cards for your favorite local restaurants and shops. It shows your commitment and support without sacrificing social distancing practices.

  • I read a great post the other day about how kind of event will be remembered in history -- and we will be asked what we did during that time. Did we turn inwards and only think on ourselves? Did we take action that helped others (even if it as simple as staying inside? It helped me gain a larger perspective on what's going and the role that I wanted to play.

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