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Rates and risks of certain types of travel seem low - should I do it?

Some businesses are operating at lower capacity for a couple of weeks in an effort to reduce risk and manage uncertainty. In the same vein, many schools are also closing. As a result, many families have found themselves with two to three weeks off of work and school.

Road tripping + hotel, camping/glamping, or a boat trip seem to fit the parameters of social isolation, and rates are so low. Is it a good idea to do these things right now?


  • @serenitythompson I think that is a brilliant idea for those that have children and are able to travel at this time. I helps support social isolation while creating a fun bonding moment for everyone in the family.

  • I think that everyone has to make their own decision on this tbh. I've seen some people with a lot of anxiety around even leaving the house while others are just fine with going out and to dinner.

    The thing to keep in mind is that tomorrow's pandemic is going to be far different than today's, and the only thing that you can really control is how much exposure YOU have to it.

  • Hi Serenity,

    I was in the same boat a few days ago and debating a trip to Tahoe but now most of the ski resorts are closed so that made my decision easier to stay home!

    Article for reference: Dozens of U.S. ski resorts close for coronavirus: 'The slopes will still be there when this is all over'

  • Definitely an interesting question. I do love the idea of supporting businesses of any kind during these times, so if individuals and their families are able to socially isolate themselves, spend some time together, and support the economy in some way, I'm for it. I do agree with @gmartin, though – everyone has to make their own decision on this.

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