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Phocuswright roundtable: WFH --> WFA?

On Tuesday, I joined a Phocuswright roundtable on the future of work and how that will impact business travel needs in 2021. I thought it was really interesting that Aurelie Krau (from Festive Road) talked about how the jump from in-office to WFH was a big one for lots of employees and their companies. Setting up a productive space at home (upgrading your wifi, getting a real desk, etc) was a big change for everyone. However, she pointed out that WFH to Work From Anywhere is a much smaller jump - and it's one that people are starting to consider.

If teams become more distributed, how often do you think they will need to convene in person? How does WFH or WFA impact productivity? How are travel managers factoring this into their 2021 plans?

Personally, I really miss offsites with my colleagues! Those are the times when you really get to know the people you work with, understand how you can work better together, and find common interests you didn't know you had. Heading into 2021, I hope there's an opportunity to bring offsites back at a regular frequency when it's safe to come together.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments!


  • Thanks for sharing the highlights of our roundtable, @jclauson!

    I enjoyed hearing from our group how important flexibility is (it's the "new now"), that we will most likely not be back to old office models, and that they would definitely consider this when taking on a new job.

    Being myself a nomad, I can clearly feel the rise of interest in this lifestyle, and the need to design a better work life. Exciting times ahead with massive shifts, that have clearly been accelerate by the Covid-19 crisis.

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