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Which Airlines are NOT Booking Middle Seats

American, United, JetBlue, and Spirit are filling planes according to this article in USA Today:


I'm a BIG Southwest Airlines fan here in Chicago due to Companion Pass and no cancelation charges (among many other reasons) so I was thrilled, relieved, and proud to hear of their decision.

How do you feel about your "airline of choice" choosing to book middle seats or keep them open???



  • Southwest just announced that it's blocking middle seats through October. WN, B9 and DL are all doing it at least through September 30th while AA and UA are booking to full capacity now.

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    Thanks to the post by @gmartin, knowing that the risk fals from 1 in 4300 to 1 in 7700 if the middle seat is empty, that will be something that will definitely change my carrier if they start to book middle seats

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    Very interesting to hear such insights. We have also found out, in our recent engagements with travel managers and travelers, that such measures taken by airlines can influence travelers who are loyalty led to lean towards other carriers if that makes them feel more comfortable and safer.

  • Thanks for the input and completely agree!

    Just knowing certain airlines are conscious of how travelers may feel about having someone touching elbows with them demonstrates they care more about impression than revenue.

  • Have any of the three of you flown since Covid began...? Curious of your experience.

  • A new study by MIT researchers estimates that leaving the middle seat on airplanes empty could help reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 by half, reports Carlie Porterfield for Forbes. “The airlines are setting their own policies but the airlines and the public should know about the risk implications of their choices," says Prof. Arnold Barnett.

  • I found it interesting that a senator took a picture on an American Airlines flight and blasted the airlines for irresponsibility. Definitely worth the read on the article.

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