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Open for Business Podcast: The New Normal for Road Warriors

Learn more about the new realities for road warriors who have started traveling again in this Open for Business Podcast, which covers the following:

  • The travel experience today, including airports, planes, hotel rooms, and rental cars
  • Changes to keep in mind when planning and booking your next trip
  • How to prepare mentally and logistically for business travel today
  • Why duty of care and partnering with a modern TMC is more important than ever before

Take a listen here:


  • Just last night a friend spoke about flying and that it was two completely different experiences. On the way it was very safe, they felt comfortable, and everyone complied. On the way back, the plane was packed, half the people weren't wearing masks (and it wasn't enforced) and when the plane landed, everyone stood up and became sardines in the aisle.

    Road Warrior anxiety is largely stemming from inconsistency and not knowing what to expect. If we could have regulations or guidelines that at a minimum, hotels and airplanes follow, I think that would be helpful. Right now it just seems like Wild Wild West.

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