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How was your flight? Live reports from airports around the world.

With airport and airline restrictions evolving every day, I'm curious about how your experiences have been over the last several weeks. Have your flights been more or less than you expected? Were the airports and airlines full or empty? Did everyone wear a mask?

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  • On July 7th I flew from Bradley International Airport in Connecticut to Oakland airport with a stopover at Midway. All the airports were less crowded, and stores and restaurants are open, so it just felt like a slow travel day. Everyone wears masks at all times (and through the entire duration of the flights I took), and common gathering areas are closed off, but the overall experience didn't feel so significantly different.

    Something to consider is that TSA and the onboarding/de-planning process are not "socially-distanced" in anyway. Only some planes will block the middle seats, like Southwest (which I flew). All carriers clean the whole plane after every flight segment, and service is limited. Southwest still provided a snack and water, but nothing else.

    Overall it was a far more normal experience than I expected.

  • I flew from Austin-Bergstrom Airport to New York JFK Airport on a noon flight on Saturday, July 4. The airport was unsurprisingly empty given the timing on a national holiday. I had never seen such an empty airport on either side. There was zero wait at the JetBlue terminal where I checked luggage or as I made my way towards security. I have CLEAR, which was great since the biometric security system means you don't have to touch anything, and was quickly on my way through the security gate. The TSA agents all had protective eye gear on, but were not wearing gloves which I found surprising.

    The flight boarding process was really simple because there were so few passengers. JetBlue is one of the airlines that's instituted empty middle seats, but the flight was so empty that it wouldn't have made a difference either way. I slept through the flight although I think the flight attendants did hand out small bottles of water.

    On the aircraft, I was handed a health clearance form as I was traveling from a high risk state to New York. There is a mandatory quarantine for people arriving from Texas and dozen other states at the moment (which I am strictly abiding by). I wanted to fill out the form, but did not have a pen. I was told there would be a very clear area to fill in and drop off the form so was surprised when I found neither as I made my way to the luggage carousel. I did notice one box with hole in it and a sign about COVID-19 so assume that was the place to drop the paper but did not as I didn't fill it out. It was disheartening to see such an unorganized and uncontrolled attempt at keeping New Yorkers safe after they have been through so much. Although I am isolated, other travelers could arrive and easily move around unknowingly infecting others.

    The travel experience was one of the smoothest that I've ever had, which is why I suppose that I believe now is quite a good time to travel as long as you follow the necessary precautions.

  • I flew with my husband and three kids (ages 5, 9 and 10) to the East Coast and back on United this past month. Three different flights. Was easy experience. Planes were clean and people were friendly. Miss the warm meals though!! Was fun to travel again.


  • I flew from SEA --> BNA in May and then from RHI --> MSP --> SEA. The flights were about 50% full on Alaska (outbound) and Delta (return) with most middle seats blocked. Exceptions were couples traveling together. Given the reduction in capacity, there were fewer flights to choose from, less direct flights, and longer layovers. On the plane itself, only small packaged snacks and bottled water were provided. If you like a cold Red Bull while in flight like me, plan to get your ice when you get your Red Bull post TSA security checkpoints as there won't be ice available on board. All flights required masks at all times, except when eating or drinking. When I left Seattle (1:35p flight) there was no one in line at the security check point. I sailed right through without having to use my Clear account or airline status. There were flights roughly at every other gate out of Seattle; less so in Minneapolis but it was later in the day on a Sunday. Beyond the inconvenience of wearing a mask in flight, it was a super easy experience where I felt safe at every step of the way.

  • AnnaMonoAnnaMono admin
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    I flew from SAN--> SFO the flight was about 30 percent full via Southwest.

    Flight observation: Each middle seat was empty, plenty of room in between passengers + masks were required. The passengers/flight attendants were very cautious, and maintaining distance during and off boarding.Additionally the flight attendants passed out sanitizing wipes to clean off the area around us for extra sanitation, and the air filtration was up full force.

    Inflight service: Water and snacks were handed out

    Rating: The overall flight experience was great 5/5! #Southwestloyal

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