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New essential products for travel?

I miss travel. I miss speaking to people face to face and seeing their expression. I miss experiences other than burning sticks and brush in my backyard. It inspired me to write a blog on the Top Ten Essential Travel Products I use.

Now that we have a new way to travel, can anyone help me add to the list of things that will now be considered essential? It has a whole new meaning. I want to be prepared when I hit the road again!

@EliteRoadWarrior I'm sure you have some products to add!


  • Hi Marcey, thanks for sharing this list -- I agree on the sleep headphones, Kindle, and Natural Calm. I've also started thinking about this as the potential for travel becomes more real. I started by cleaning up my travel tools and made sure that all my programs for expedited security and passport checks are in order. While grounded, I've had the time and space to really reinvest in healthy practices and have started thinking through routines that I can create now that will be easier to continue on the road. I like the idea of packing a small hand-held case with all the self-care tools I need to feel confident that I can remain as healthy and centered on the road as I have at home!

  • Great thought on the programs to expedite security. I've been laughing every week when I get the email for my Global Entry renewal and how now I can save time by renewing it when I arrive from an international flight. What a big fail on there part that they haven't turned off that automation!

  • akintiloakintilo
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    Thank you, Marcey and Samantha! The portable laptop stand is a great idea. I have thought about adding a travel router for video streaming and connecting multiple devices to the same hotel or airplane wifi to my kit.

    Helping to expedite security and passport checks is very socially responsible and I hope that there will be more information and best practices like these for ensuring health and safety when traveling.

  • Great list @WorkWellPlayMore

    I love good scents - think of a good smell - like warm chocolate chip cookies, yummmm! While traveling, I often tuck a handkerchief that I've dabbed some of my favorite essential oils (and keep in a small ziploc plastic bag) - like lavender/jasmine for calm/sleep, and another one that is mint/lemon/eucalyptus to awaken/revitalize when feeling jet-lagged (think forest and citrus to brighten). I take a few deep breaths - inhaling - and life is good. These essential oils are sold in most health food stores and if you're in a major city, Whole Foods has them, so you can take whiff and try.

  • Oh, yes!! I use Doterra On Guard oils @csimonini. @akintilo I don't go anywhere without my Verizon hotspot. I can't believe I forgot that. Probably because I haven't needed to use it for so long :)

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