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Conferences moving to virtual format?

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Has anyone used or is going to use any virtual conference solutions? For example, Adobe Summit was moved to online-only. Thought this was interesting...

Seems like this may be a sea change for in-person events and now feels like a good time to invest in this type of thinking.


  • I think the virtual summits are good in times like these and for regular check-ins in between the in-person events, but long term I expect the in-person conferences to re-emerge stronger than ever. While there is a place for them, the reality is that you don't get the same opps for networking, deal closing and relationship building in the virtual summits.

  • DaniaDania ✭✭

    @Greg Perotto - Couldn't agree more. Networking is the best part after all! ;)

  • Agree that there is no replacement for in-person connections and experiences. However, it is good to be flexible and creative in today's environment. Here is something I found helpful from PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association)

  • Good points everyone. I think the next 3-6 months will be very telling in terms of how successful these virtual events end up being. In-person networking is a huge factor, though it will be really interesting to see how much can be accomplished digitally.

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