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HR Office Hours | Friday, April 3rd

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We’ve never quite seen anything like this current environment. In conversations with other HR professionals there are a lot of questions about how to move forward in this current uncertainty.  How do we support employees while they work from home? How do we ensure the safety of those who are traveling? How do we build trust and communicate in a timely manner when employees are remote? 

TripActions is hosting an open forum for HR leaders this Friday, April 3rd at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT to help us come together, share best practices, and talk through the questions that are keeping each of us up at night--and see if we can come up with some ideas on how to approach them. 

This will be a Zoom conference call in which we can all participate in and learn from each other. If you find the forum valuable, we can do it on a more regular basis.

Looking forward to an open and candid discussion. Sign up here and you’ll get a calendar invite with a link to the call.


  • This is a great initiative. During the Travel Manager Office Hours, it was highlighted that HR has taken the lead when it comes to employee communication, in this unique context. I wonder how many travel managers have been working closely with HR, particularly on engaging grounded travelers. Would be interested to know whether they have been thinking about some ad-hoc approach?

  • @Aurelie_Krau

    Great to hear you're finding value in the session.😀

    Travel Managers - welcome your thoughts (policies, plans) on employee communications now and for when business recovery starts back up.

    Also, there's a private Travel Manager group might want to share.

  • In light of what was shared during the Travel Manager Office Hours, in this Covid-19 context, HR has taken the lead on employee communication, on a daily basis. I started a thread in the Travel Manager group asking whether we should communicate differently with road warriors at the moment, whether the message should be tailored since traveling is such as important part of their job.

    @csimonini, thinking HR and Travel Management, I actually believe there could be a cross-chat on employee engagement.

  • @Aurelie_Krau - I agree. Through this experience, HR has become the invisible thread connecting across all depts/groups and pulling in everyone tighter. They are stepping into an expanded role which I believe your cross-chat employee engagement has emerged as both a necessary and valued function, and paving the way to a new level of employee duty of care. The opportunity will be how to transform it into a consistent 2-way channel to listen, optimize and lead.

  • Absolutely, and it goes beyond duty of care. Mid/longer term, it's about the EVP - Employee Value Proposition. It makes a lot of sense that HR has a seat around the travel management table :-)

  • Great thread! This situation could mean that in the future HR and Travel communicate more, and work together which would be great. It has been raised repeatedly how they operate in silo and we've been encouraging travel managers to communicate more with HR and get them on board with traveller needs.

    If we think of 'engagement' as the typical definition of vigor, dedication and absorption in your work, this is a clear benefit for both HR and travel and something that is in jeapordy right now. As you say, the EVP is critical post corona-crisis, and if HR/Travel work together for all things, such as wellbeing, engagement, EVP, it could be a huge silver lining. Even if we think of the emerging mental health crisis and burnout.

    Burnout for example is a concern for travel and HR. Easy to understand how when we appreciate how it begins with chronic exhaustion, then leads to cynical attitudes, then reduced professional efficacy and once in stage 3, it is very difficult and timely to recover from. Duty of care short-long term must account for the prevention of things such as burnout. This is a 'human' issue and also a bottom line business issue.

    Why? The evidence is a bit split, but on one side, evidence shows that people can't be engaged and burned out at the same time because they are polar opposites. Similarly, evidence shows that is is far more beneficial to focus on enhancing the positive elements of the workforce, than trying to remove the negative, due to what we call 'activation' and 'spiral'. So, for HR, if they focus on positive emotions at work, wellbeing, engagement, EVP, then that will be a great strategy for duty of care.

    It is great HR have become that invisible thread and I hope the newly opened channels of communication remain!

  • Thanks @LucyRattrie - insightful and real-world issues all departments face. I believe trust, communication, empathy, wisdom and compassion are key factors as we humans unite and work towards a goal.

  • This is a timely discussion because I actually have on my agenda today a question to @Mat Rider if there really is a need for a separate HR forum? I also asked some of my HR Professional friends. By having a separate private group, are we encouraging the silo, or is now the time to bring HR and Travel Managers together? I would welcome any HR and TM thoughts on this.

    Is it important for their to be two separate groups because the focus is that different?

  • Yes @WorkWellPlayMore agree, I would love to spark discussion with HR and Travel Managers. There are also groups dedicated to CFOs. It may be interesting to connect the dots and gather everyone in the same 'room'?

  • Yes, @WorkWellPlayMore & @Aurelie_Krau. I agree that there needs to be a separate forum for HR Professionals. As much as we want Travel Managers and HR professionals to work together, we also want to respect the HR guidelines, policies, procedures, and privacy laws of each associate. During this pandemic, communication is key within every organization is even more vital during this time however, associates also need a way of contacting HR with their issues or concerns without a third party.

  • Thank you for the input @Domgm2288. You are right, there are privacy considerations that a travel manager would not be privy to on an individual basis. I was thinking more from our forum where specific individuals aren't being discussed and we are trying to come to a consensus on how policies should be handled overall. At a minimum, I hope that it brings the travel managers and HR together more frequently than is currently happening to regularly reevaluate and communicate the policies.

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