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How to Plan for Travel Emergencies

Travel and events management company ATPI published a guide outlining how to prepare a formal travel emergency response plan by working closely with your travel management company. I found a really interesting part of the guide to be how they define risk. In a globalized world, more and more of our businesses’ operations are taking place in emerging markets but unexpected disasters and crisis situations that arise from political or social events are also common. Ultimately, emergencies can occur suddenly in areas we previously considered as relatively contained and current events prove this to be true.

The report talks about how emergency plans are only as effective as an organization makes them to be. What do you think? Is it each organization’s responsibility to have a detailed response plan in place? Or can you lean on a travel management company to do that for you?


  • @samantha11 - You bring up a very important issue and I think that companies should have a plan in place for emergencies that impact their employees. The US State Department develops training courses to help their Foreign Service Agents navigate crises and prepare for sudden travel. This may seem excessive to some but it never hurts to be prepared and taking care of your employees is good for business.

  • Good questions @samantha11 ! Not sure I have a good answer for you, but I do believe that after this passes everyone - from government organizations to business and individuals - will be more prepared for a future global health crisis or emergency.

  • @samantha11 great topic - I think it is always important to have an emergency plan in place for your employees. Given the current situation, I think this will drastically change how companies prepare for this moving forward - employee safety should always be top of mind. My last company actually had a physical security team that focused on these plans and employee safety (whether traveling or events etc) they always had a plan in place and as an employee I felt safe and taken care of at all times.

  • @samantha11 - important topics every org big/small are discussing about - what are the emergency plans, how are they same/different across the globe, and how will the Duty of Care policies and communications change.

    And who is responsible for pulling all these disparate data points together so organizations can get full visibility and put into place the best measures for emergency planning, employee safety and security

    Cross-functional teams from HR, Finance, Operations, Security, Risk/Compliance, are leaning in and/or forming to create a new matrix of support mechanisms, communication plans, policies, and processes.

    But this still begs the questions - were you able to get to access to real-time data to make the best decisions to ensure the safety and security of your employees? Where did you get the data from? How long did it take? What would you differently and how have you changed your Duty of Care policies to manage for future events?

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