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A Guide to Working Remotely for the First Time

While digital nomads and frequent business travelers are used to answering emails and “getting it done” in unofficial settings, the Work From Home movement is creating new challenges and opportunities for some employees. Alice Goldfuss wrote a guide that goes beyond which software to use and hits on important points like maintaining focus and mental health, staying physically healthy, and finding ways to connect socially even when you’re alone.

My number one practice when working from home or away from the office is to take a few walks throughout the day. When I need a break, I’ll step outside and breathe in fresh air and get my legs moving - even if it is only 10 minutes - and return more focused and energized.

I'm curious to learn about how other people plan their Work From Home days. LMK!


  • Thanks @samantha11 - I agree with a lot in the article, I mentioned a few of these ideas in my write up 5 tips of how to be an effective manager when working remotely.

  • DaniaDania ✭✭

    As someone who has worked remote for about 3 years, I completely agree that being outside for a quick walk or scheduling exercise into your day is life changing. I find I'm most productive when I workout before work and then actually get dressed & ready for the day (versus staying cozy in pajamas.) Once a week I choose a new location (typically a cafe with Wi-Fi) just to change my environment.

  • @Dania - Agree especially on your tip on being dressed for the day even when staying home. It gets me into the mindset of working.

  • Definitely thankful to have my pup force me to go outside every several hours! Taking regular breaks is healthy.

  • Totally agree - the biggest thing for me is keeping a schedule - when I start work, when I take breaks, and when I end work. Thanks for sharing @samantha11 !

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