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Credit Notes & Refunds: Reconciliation


Fare Basis Code(AlphaNumeric): Fare Type Identifier used for Fare Rules which will determine the cancellation, re-issue and re-routing constraints and penalties.

RBD : Reservation Booking Designator (Class of Booking)

ADM : Agency Debit Memo. Penalty for TMC for not following airline rules and policies.

Status Codes: HK - Confirmed ; UN- Cancelled by Airline .


Ask your TMC to give you a report for the current status of each ticket. GDS provides an easy to way to figure out the status of the ticket.

Ticket Status that you might need to investigate OPEN, SUSP, NO SHOW or CANCELLED .

If the status is OPEN or EXCHANGED you can utilise the ticket or credit for a future trip.

NO SHOW or SUSP when the ticket was neither cancelled and nor used. You should also be getting a credit note for the these from your TMC. Based on the Fare Rules no show might have a refund amount that can be collected. Worse case scenarios the airlines have to refund some statutory taxes for no shows.

CANCELLED - See if you received a credit note from your TMC for the cancelled segment or ticket. This should also include Airline cancelled PNR`s .


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    Thank you for providing this information, @GautamRamanujan . GDS language can indeed sound quite technical and I'm sure that will be helpful for travel managers who want to understand better how this works in order to figure out their airline credit notes/refunds/unused ticket situation.

    TMCs/Online Booking Tools have been developing reporting capabilities - that travel managers can generate themselves. @KadyWood maybe you can share more info for TripActions users?

  • Travel managers can cross check multiple things once they have the report.

    Ask TMC to provide RBD for and Fare basis code for each segment.

    1. If refund amounts are as per fee rules

    2. Reco of cancelled tickets vs TMC credit notes

    3. Ask your TMC to file refund for NO SHOWs if they haven't already

    4. Track open tickets to ensure future utilization

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