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Fun new activities I've tried while quarantined

Quarantined life can make you stir crazy, but it also gives you the chance to try a lot of things you wouldn’t have normally tried. 

Here's a somewhat unique list of things I’ve tried:

  • Make a big batch of cold brew coffee 
    • Because need is the mother of invention...or whatever it's called when you google something and then riffle through your cabinets to try and create a make-shift cold brew kit and then hastily follow the recipe, because you don’t feel like scrolling through it again.
  • Bake yeastless bread 
    • Or a hard, lightly tanned, amorphous, carb lump
  • Build and format a raspberry pi 
    • After all this effort researching, building and formatting this thing, I just realized I don’t even know what I’ll use it for
  • Watch animals at the zoo
    • All these ideas don’t require effort...and I mean animals...just hanging out like nothing’s changed in the world.
  • Learn a new language
    • No estoy loco, pero estoy hablando mucho conmigo mismo
  • Remember Sporcle exists
    • I’m really hoping my next meeting at work is about the capital cities of Northwestern Africa
  • Download free kindle books
    • Found a really cool website that lets you download kindle books for free - the public library
  • Bike exploration
    • This isn’t the zombie apocalypse. You can go outside and explore those empty parks and trails around you...and act like zombies.
  • Morning runs
    • I hate mornings. I hate running. Thinking about these things together actually makes me grunt audibly, but cabin-fever mixed with empty streets makes overly odious objectives oddly odiousless (eh, close enough)
  • Virtually tour the Louvre
    • Accepter les cookies, get clicking and get cultured
  • Deep clean your couch with baking soda
    • Like me, you’re probably spending too much time on the couch, and I do have baking soda left from that previous baking disaster...
  • Start an internet radio station
    • Stole this idea from a friend, and I’m vaguely enjoying his, um, peculiar musical tastes (currently listening to pan flute played over rainforest noises)

Comment with any unique diversions you’ve taken up.


  • @Stephanie_Day This is fantastic. I love the authenticity - "No we cannot turn down the music or turn up the heat."

  • My goal has been to keep positive- and working out and fun shows has been my go to (Keeps me away from the snacks for 80% of the day!)

    I personally love that boutique workout studios are offering online classes for free! It says a lot about their commitment to their members. My favorites are 305 fitness for their high energy and positive messaging (, as well as Orange Theory, because who doesn't love a good sweat (

    I love Broadway shows, but i've always found myself too busy to watch them (even though i live in NYC). So i'm excited that BroadwayHD is offering a 7-day trial!

  • Ready to take you down on the next African capital quiz @wpursell .

  • Love all of these tips @wpursell - thanks for sharing! @Stephanie_Day, my housemate and I have just started a similar "Quarantine Cantina" vibe. We were saying the other day that the one thing that we love about London and life, is trying out the different restaurants and new experiences. Once a week we're going to pick a theme, dress up and pretend we're trying different restaurants in London :) We have also bought a 1000 piece jigsaw to keep us entertained.

  • I am fortunate to be WFH with a musician in my family so we'll sometimes sit outside, play the guitar and make up the lyrics to songs. It seems so colloquial but adds a really sweet end to otherwise stressful days.

  • How about folding a few new types of paper airplanes?

  • Ha @wpursell I love the energy of this post! Looks like you've been a busy man 😉 I have come back from a 10-week trip in Central/Latin America so my pleasure is to improvise smoothies with over-priced exotic fruits I buy here in France 🥥🍈 (I am such a mango and 'maracuya' addict!) - it is my new daily healthy habit AND gets me to travel mentally. How great is this 😎

    Then... I am a fitness addict so I improvise my gym in the garage because it's often too cold still, or rainy/windy outside. My gym mates are cars and boxes these days lol

  • @Mreyes have you tried LesMills On Demand? They have many difference concepts -from core training to cardio to HIIT! I am a huuuuuge fan 🤗

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