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What are the most important characteristics of your business travel program?

There have been multiple events in my lifetime - and some more recently - that have really affected business travel. In my opinion, these 2 characteristics are the most important when building a travel program that will most successfully ride out these storms:

  1. Adaption: The travel program, and the underlying platform, must be modifiable at a moments notice. Need to restrict travel in a certain geographic area or put a cap on flight prices? Programs should be flexible enough to meet these needs in a timely manner.
  2. Adoption: Sure an adaptable travel program is great, but it’s no use if people are booking outside of the platform. 

Is there another focus you would add to this list? Of the 2 listed above, is one more important than the other?


  • Those two are very critical for travel programs. I would add a sense of forward-thinking is important. Travel managers that I've seen be successful are constantly thinking about how to improve their program - what trends are happening, what new tech is out there, what are travelers saying, etc. - to make a program that doesn't just stick for today but can continue to thrive.

  • There are some base foundations every travel program must have:

    1. Team - someone/some people with well defined role/responsibilities, ultimately who own delivery of travel services
    2. Policy - how to balance employee experience with company cost. Not just a document, a living, breathing demand mgmt tool
    3. Platform - here's where Aquinn's comments come in. A platform is where you gather supplier inventory, overlay policy and then display in a shopping/booking interface. Traditionally a TMC, or an OBT, or now both combined.
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