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China - signs of travel returning

Some promising news about the travel industry in China... from the article:

“The number of total searches follows a similar pattern,” the company says. “The total number of searches for flights to China (both domestic and international inbound) is currently 55% of the volume of searches seen in the week of January 5th, up from a low of 34% in mid-February.

“The average number of searches per searcher has increased in the past month, with an average of five to six searches per unique searcher.”

In another positive sign that China is looking to get back to business quickly, the percentage of flights searched for corporate travel has almost doubled since pre-COVID-19 levels – which is currently 38% versus 20% in early January.

While it's too early to draw conclusions, this is encouraging. Thoughts?


  • I am watching this trend closely and interested to see how it evolves in the coming weeks. If you look back, historically, travel has a pattern of returning to normal levels -- and then exceeding that -- in the period directly following an unexpected situation whether it's a natural disaster or economic crisis. I am hopeful that we'll see travel bounce back even higher than before, BUT with more consciousness around our environmental impact as well as respect for other cultures.

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