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What is Business Travel Continuity?

Looking at how duty of care is managed in today’s corporate travel programs, it’s clear that much more goes into taking care of travelers and programs than what was once strictly called “duty of care.” In today’s managed corporate travel program, full responsibility now involves factoring in both traveler safety and also in creating and managing the tools needed to get that job done.

Business Travel Continuity (BTC) is thus a wider, more thoughtful and more modern approach beyond duty of care which covers:

  • Traveler safety: tracking, communicating to and reporting on travelers to ensure property duty of care
  • Rich traveler data: providing broad visibility and insight into traveler movements to help inform admin and manager decisions
  • Flexible policy management: creating an environment in which policy can be adapted intelligently to changing market conditions
  • Financial insights: building tools, policies and communication to quickly understand the costs and spend associated with travel programs

Put another way, BTC is the contingency plan and ability of organizations to rapidly adapt to ensure they can be resilient in the face of business disruptions, dynamic market changes like recession and quickly evolving situations like the COVID-19 virus.

Every organization will shape BTC differently based on its travelers and reach, but at TripActions, the company is bringing the four tenets above into the spotlight as we all work together to take care of our travelers and the business travel industry. What does it mean to your org?


  • Thank you for this @gmartin. Duty of care and business travel continuity are not only key during these uncertain times, but will arguably be even more important as things starts to get back to what we're used to and we all establish a new normal.

  • I really appreciate you spelling this out and providing a framework to understand what business travel continuity means and why it is so important to my business. I also think the breadth of the concept is important as it goes beyond rebooking business travel and really caring for employees and customers.

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