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There’s a Human component to Business and Business Travel

Although the current pandemic of the Coronavirus will have a large impact to business and especially the travel industry, this will be short-lived and business and travel will get back to normal at some point in the near future.  A nice summary of how the recent outbreak has impacted travel in particular can be heard from a recent interview with Scott Solombrino, COO and Executive Director at GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) who says that although impacts will be felt, there is a human component to business that requires face to face meetings and interaction.  GBTA has run a survey for the past 10 years and the results, year after year, show that 62% of respondents say that “Nothing can replace the value of a face to face meeting in person.” Like other crises that can cause an impact to business and normal travel, this too will pass and companies need to have a sound corporate travel program in place for the future.


  • It is interesting to take a long-term perspective when the current situation becomes overwhelming and understand how businesses have gone through other periods of global confusion. I am confident that companies that continue to provide value to their customers and communities throughout this time will be best positioned when things shift again.

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