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How To Work With Your Remote Boss

Whether you are working from home for the first time or you’ve been remote for years (such as myself), learning to manage your relationship with your manager from a remote office is your key to work-from-home (WFH) success. 

How To Work With Your Remote Boss:

  1. Set Expectations: I highly recommend clarifying what your schedule should look like as you work from home. What hours will your manager be online? When does your manager expect you to be online? Having clear expectations avoids any confusion and allows you to release any “WFH guilt” as your home will now be your office.
  2. Communicate: With Zoom video conferencing, Gmail and Slack, it’s easier than ever to stay connected. Make sure you have a weekly call scheduled with your manager to determine your priorities for the week.
  3. Build Trust: Need to take your dog to the vet at 4pm? Ask permission. Although you may not be in the office, it’s very important to communicate your whereabouts during work hours.
  4. Schedule Breaks: Working from home often leads to working more than usual. There is always more work to do, but better to schedule breaks than burn-out. Pro-Tip: I add notes to my calendar such as “10 minute coffee break” or “SoulCycle” so my manager has visibility into my schedule. 
  5. Be Positive: Navigating a remote relationship with your manager (especially if new to WFH) can take a minute to adjust into protocol and scheduling that works for both of you. Stay positive and remember you are navigating these changes as a team. Build your best WFH life together. 

What are your best practices for working with a remote boss?


  • Great suggestions.

    As you mentioned, we have the tools to be productive from the perspective of getting work done. The real challenge will be to keep open, authentic communication.

    The challenges we now face in a work-from-home situation are different. Each live / work situation presents different hurdles. (family obligations, babies, kids, parents, dogs, wifi, and even dealing with the constant interruptions from a nosey neighbor.) And the only way to be effective is to sharpen our communication.

    As a manager, I have committed to new set of clear goals / expectations; likewise, I am asking my team to over-communicate with me so I understand their situation.

  • DaniaDania ✭✭

    @greggcolvin I think your response is spot on. @Ryan Schwartz has a great discussion focusing on the other side - Managing Remote:

  • Thank you for sharing @Dania. Setting the right expectations is key and help both parties align on what is clearly expected. I read this article about owning your unique style of working from home. What are your thoughts?

  • DaniaDania ✭✭

    @Mat Rider Yes! We all have a unique working style, especially when WFH. Some of us prefer very early morning hours while others work later in the evening. Communication (and over-communication) is key as employees and their managers develop their own remote working relationship.

  • I saw some interesting discussions online in the past 24 hours about how the relationship between managers and employees also evolves during an intense situation such as the current global climate. It requires a new level of empathy and communication in which we see beyond our roles as team members and recognize how we are all humans with families and homes and must make space for those realities within the context of our working lives. I hope this is something that can be learned and carried into the future!

  • DaniaDania ✭✭

    @samantha11 Absolutely. It's very understandable that employees may feel additional stress during this time. We must stay mindful and positive as we learn to work together in new ways. And as you said, hopefully we carry this into the future.

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