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Additional country-wide travel bans and restrictions

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Fri., Feb 14, 2020, 2:40pm PST

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, over 60 countries have implemented immigration restrictions to help contain the virus globally. The scope of restrictions vary from country to country, and a list by the consular department of China’s foreign affairs ministry divides these restrictions into three main categories. Category I restrictions are the most strict, and ban entry to all Chinese nationals and foreign nationals who have been in China in the last 14 days. Countries within this category are the United States, Australia, Singapore, Russia and North Korea. Category II restrictions apply only to travelers who have been to Hubei while Category III restrictions include border health checks, health declaration requirements and screening measures.

If you have upcoming international travel, please check with the country’s government for possible travel restrictions applicable to you.

Airline Cancellations and Waivers

Since the coronavirus was declared a global emergency, airlines continue to issue waiver codes and cancel or change flights into surrounding areas in China in an attempt to contain the virus. This week, some airlines began extending waiver code expirations through to the end of April. Please contact TripActions travel agents, available 24/7, should you wish to enquire whether your flight booking has an applicable change or cancel waiver.

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