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Wuhan, a Chinese city shut down public transport

Thu., Jan 23, 2020, 11:06am PST

Authorities in Wuhan, a Chinese city of nearly 11 million people, have shut down public transport in an effort to stifle an outbreak of a new strain of virus known as 2019-nCoV or “Coronavirus.” Travelers are urged to halt and cancel travel in and out of airports in Wuhan, Huanggang, Ezhou, Chibi, and Zhijiang.

Airlines have been proactively issuing waivers and suspending flights in and out of this region. We expect the number of impacted cities may increase and these measures will escalate. The TripActions team has already proactively reached out to any travelers with bookings in or out of these regions to help them adjust their travel accordingly.

Coronavirus manifests as an infection of the lungs and symptoms start with a fever and cough, progressing into shortness of breath and/or difficulty breathing. In some cases, the virus can lead to illnesses including pneumonia and bronchitis.

If you recently traveled to any of the affected areas and became sick with a fever or cough, seek medical care immediately and inform medical staff about your recent travel. If you are already in an affected area, avoid contact with other people, outdoor markets selling animal products, or products that come from animals including raw meat.

We are continuing to monitor this situation closely, proactively reaching out to support travelers whose travel may be impacted, and will provide real-time updates here on the TripActions blog.

If you or your travelers have any questions related to this issue, please reach out to [email protected].

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