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American remote workers are welcome here

While much of the world is still tightly controlling travel, a number of countries are still accepting US citizens. This article shares the countries where remote American workers can go to address their wanderlust:

Note that the US State Department and health officials still recommend Americans avoid all international travel.


  • Aurelie_KrauAurelie_Krau admin
    edited July 2020

    Remote work is here to stay! It is not a new trend per se, but this is one major trend that this crisis has undeniably amplified. Conversations are moving beyond 'Work From Home' because it's opening up so many opportunities to 'Work From Anywhere'. I'm confident the world will ultimately open up :-) Exciting times ahead as we need to re-design the notion of "workplace" and think much more digital and 'flexibility'! My brain has been on fire thinking about this major shift.

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