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TripActions Academy: Policy Foundation

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TripActions Academy is a free series of courses that will help strengthen the foundation of corporate travel management skills and learn best practices.

" In Course 3 of the TripActions Academy, we begin to build the foundation for a new way of managing corporate travel and expenses specifically within the TripActions platform.

New users will learn how to successfully set up the foundation of their corporate travel and expense management program while more experienced users can ensure that all their settings, tech integrations, and metadata are in the right place. If you’re not yet a TripActions user, you’ll still walk away with best practices for building a smart corporate T&E policy."

AND, its free! See more here 👉️


  • Thanks @AnnaMono

    From the outline of courses offered, it looks interesting, informative and helps anyone who wants to learn the latest innovations, best practices and bring new focus to their organization’s travel program. Thanks for sharing.

  • What other topics are there?

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