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TSA Screenings pass 600,000/day - first time since March

Another sign of the recovery. According to TSA data, over 600,000 passengers were screened at checkpoints yesterday. Volumes of that level haven't been seen since mid-March


There's still a long way to go before we're back to normal pre-COVID levels, but passenger traffic is headed in the right direction!


  • Cool. I remember going through TSA in April and the agent said they had 6 ppl go through security all day. On a recent trip in June, there were already thousands of ppl at the airport at 9 am.

  • Will be interested @gmartin to see what the long weekend/July 4th holiday will reveal.

    What do folks think - Will it be the getaway weekend of past with the traffic jams leading up into the airports and long lines thru security? or will it be busy but not crazy - like a steady stream of travelers being safe, arrive early + avoid the jams.

    I personally think it will be busy, but not as crazy as it was in the past.

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