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Airplanes don’t make you sick. Really.

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Good read that sheds light on airplane air quality and puts it in perspective versus other parts of the travel experience.


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    Interesting piece, thanks @Fouadm1 for sharing! I found some of the technical details referenced particularly interesting - this one especially:

    "Airplanes deliver 10 to 12 air changes per hour. In a hospital isolation room, the minimum target is six air changes per hour for existing facilities and 12 air changes per hour for new."

    Details like this, combined with all the great safety measures airlines are taking helps make me feel more comfortable about eventually returning to the skies.

  • An intriguing read - and headline. Thank you for sharing @Fouadm1.

    I watched and read a piece on ABC this morning highlighting all the efforts Delta is taking to reassure travelers that it's safe to fly:

  • This is excellent! I had no idea and had always thought there were germs in a tube. @EliteRoadWarrior were you aware of this? I think this is something that airlines need to emphasize to reduce the fear. I like that he emphasizes that there are definitely precautions to take, but the recirculated air is not something that we should be focused on.

  • @Fouadm1 It seems the classic line, "We're all breathing the same air for X hours on a plane" is officially turned to myth. I think people tend to forget that stress, fatigue, and unhealthy habits are probably a greater contributor to travel-related sickness than anything else.

    As always, sleeping well, eating right, proper planning and washing your hands should help reduce a lot of travel-related illness.

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