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Travel themed facemasks

Via Kathryn Creedy, it's now possible to get travel-themed face masks for your next trip (and yes, there's one showing a KSFO sectional).

Most legacy carriers are requiring face masks for travel starting this month. Now might be a good time to stock up.


  • Love themed masks! Especially travel ones :)

  • I see branded masks coming soon 🙂

    What I find missing from wearing masks, is the opportunity to see the smiles and smirks, and grins.

    I think there's an oppty to create masks w/ the emoji smile that is either on the outside of the mask (like a permanent smile embroidered/printed) and/or changeable ( via velcro or attachments) upon your mood.

    Even if one wan't feeling quite "smiley" - you could wear it and bring a smile to others. 😃 Why not have some fun with it and bring a spark of joy. 🤩

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