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[Poll results] - Prepare a post-crisis business travel plan: what stage are travel managers in?

These past weeks, our team at Festive Road have been actively engaging with the community of travel managers & travel suppliers.

On 17th April, we ran a workshop with TripActions. We asked the travel managers participating where they were: 58% were looking for guidance, 27% had just started to elaborate a plan. See the results below:

3 weeks later, what we (at Festive Road) hear from our various engagements is it has moved to 40% still looking for guidance & 40% who have just started.

3 resources I would like to share to pursue the conversation and support travel managers and travel suppliers: 

  1. Replay of the workshop - 30 min. It provides actionable tips for travel managers to build a post-crisis business travel plan, based on a 3D approach: Data-Duty of Care / Deals / Dollars & Decisions 👉🏼accessible in the travel managers private, invite-only group - click here.
  2. Open for Business Podcast: @carolinestrachan is talking through Permissible Travel 👉🏼click here. Travel managers will need to assess the equation: company confidence x traveller confidence x government permission = Permissible Travel
  3. The Permissible Travel Framework our team has gifted to the industry 👉🏼click here to access. It is based on our proven Managed Travel Model and brings structure to travel managers who need a plan. It also helps travel suppliers understand what travel managers/buyers go through and develop pro-active approaches (engage, build documents such as Q&A for example).

Join the conversation and please share what's on your mind, what you need and how we can support you.

If you are a Travel Manager, remember you can join the private, invite-only group dedicated to you. You will have access to specific threads summarizing insights from the TripActions Travel Manager office hours for example.


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