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US quarantine policies by state

NPR released a good list of all the COVID-19 restrictions by state (including Puerto Rico and Washington DC). I thought it was interesting to review as we look forward to returning to work and traveling domestically.


  • Very interesting to see what each state is doing. In California we are just about to move into our "Stage 2" order. Hopefully that goes smoothly and we don't see a rise in cases. I know we are all looking forward to the SIP being lifted (when safe!).

  • Thanks for sharing @wpursell - good article.

    Businesses will also need a way to know from which state to state employees can travel to/from in real-time to protect them and plan accordingly.

  • Agree @csimonini - this refers to #RouteBasedRecovery. This term that TripActions team has been using describes very well the reality of the markets: travel will come back, but at different speeds and at different levels, both domestic and regionally/internationally.

    I agree, travelers and travel managers do need to be able to access that information real-time in order to make informed decisions. It's one of the components of what we call #PermissibleTravel at Festive Road. It's the result of the equation: company confidence x traveller confidence x government permission (the point raised in this thread) = Permissible Travel.

  • Thanks @Aurelie_Krau - great call-outs.

    It seems this new set of travel data is being identified, collected, and analyzed, and is in the beginning stages of being delivered. This process is vital, since we all need to re-learn how to travel in our new reality.

  • I believe TMCs and OBTs have a key role to play to make this happen. The point has been raised no later than today at #ITMvirtual conference.

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