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BCG's Travel Recovery Insights Portal (TRIP)

Wanted to share a great resource that I discovered recently called the Travel Recovery Insights Portal. Developed by Boston Consulting Group, it is a collection of dashboards aggregating a wealth of data and information aimed at understanding the trends shaping how demand for air travel is returning. The portal can be accessed here:

I found the consumer sentiment information particularly insightful - data shows that ~60% of consumers are willing to travel once specific safety measure are in place. Furthermore, sentiment improves significantly as COVID-19 case rate declines - Italy's positive sentiment doubled since March as the rate of new cases fell.


  • gmartingmartin ✭✭

    Also encouraging to see that volume for fall travel is still humming -- more in the US than in Europe though. Nice to see that people are still thinking about their yearly plans.

    Now: can we talk about BCG's copy and paste restrictions on its site? :)

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