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Community Guidelines

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(These guidelines will evolve as we learn more about community behavior)

Welcome to the TripActions Community, an online forum where travel managers, road warriors, executive admins, finance, operations, HR leaders and suppliers can connect with each other to share best practices, insights, questions and more about business travel and corporate travel management.

At TripActions, we are focused on our users – all of them, all of the time – to deliver the best experience in business travel. So we’ve created this space to help bring the “circles and squares” together to share and learn from each other.

When engaging on this forum, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Be respectful of each other. We’re all here to offer unique perspectives and experience, and to learn from others. 
  2. Stay on topic. If you’re contributing to a conversation, please make sure your posts are clear and relevant.

Please do not post:

  • Advertisements or spam.
  • Personal information. Keep in mind this is a public forum that is accessible to anyone.
  • Hateful or profane content.

You acknowledge that you have the right to publish the information that you post to the Community.

Admins are here to help ensure the TripActions Community is a safe and welcoming place for all community members. If you come across content that you feel violates our guidelines, you can report it here: link

TripActions will be moderating this Community.  We reserve the right to edit or remove posts for any violation of these Guidelines.  If necessary, TripActions may suspend any accounts that violate the Guidelines at any time. 

Any violation of these guidelines can result in posts being edited or removed, and if necessary, accounts can be suspended.

Urgent Travel Assistance

Please note that TripActions Travel Experience Agents do not monitor this forum and are unable to assist with any travel-related requests, including booking, changing or cancelling travel plans. If you require immediate assistance or have questions regarding your travel booking, please contact a travel agent via the TripActions app or website.

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