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How Travel Managers Prepare for Route-Based Recovery

There's a helpful framework thinking through this temporary pause on business travel, which Caroline Strachan of FESTIVE ROAD outlined in a recent BTN article: "Respond-Prepare-Return." It's the answer to questions that travel managers around the world asked themselves in late February and early March: "What happens when business travel stops? And more importantly, how do we prepare for when it resumes?"

The latest episode of Open for Business: A Corporate T&E Podcast Powered by TripActions explores this in much more detail and dives into the preparation phase that most travel managers find themselves in now.

So, I'm curious: What policy changes are you adjusting during this temporary pause? How are you connecting with grounded travelers during this time? And how are you working across internal teams to create a comprehensive plan for business travel when it is permitted again?

While there are great suggestions in the podcast, I'd love to learn some more about what people are experiencing in their organizations!


  • Aurelie_KrauAurelie_Krau admin
    edited April 2020

    I really enjoy listening to the podcast @carolinestrachan.

    I particularly enjoy the following advice aimed at travel managers: during this pause, and to prepare the "return" phase, think about what you can STOP / START / CONTINUE doing, involving exploring key areas to enhance a travel program. I like the examples mentioned, like thinking about how you source lodging ("do I need a hotel RFP?"), considering the benefits of modern payment solutions and what they could bring to your program and to the travelers experience...

    I've given some thoughts on that. My 2-cents : I believe a lot more needs to happen on-trip. This has always been some grey area. Now is the perfect opportunity to think about it. An enhanced traveler app is key IMO. In this (post) Covid-19 context, a constant engagement with travelers will be needed, more than ever, even simply to check on them while they are on the road.

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