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Travel Policiy Ideas

When the economy opens up we need to put policies in place to ensure that we reduce ris and cost.

1. BCP:No more than 2 employees from the same department can travel to a city,state or country.

2.Cost Savings: Trip Type Control i.e. Promotr booking Roundtrips

3.Cost Savings: Peak Hour vs Non Peak Hour flights

4.Cost Savings: Stop Same Day Cancel and Rebook not allowed

5. Stay with Friends and Family


  • 1) will be interesting for group meetings. Example - one of my clients was a fierce spreader of the virus. Early on, they had a meeting in Boston with 100+ people from their leadership teams. Unknowingly, they then went back to their respective cities and for many, it was the first case in that location.

    5) We discussed this on the Office Hours call. I was given a $75 stipend to buy a gift for my family/friend host. It was comfortable, I got to see them and I could buy them a very nice dinner or gift. In the end, it also saved the company money because they often picked me up from the airport too!

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    Nr 1) this is indeed what we have heard at the 'Travel Managers Office Hours'. There have already been such company restrictions in some sectors and it is likely that such rules become mainstream

    Nr 2) TMCs / OBTs usually have embedded business rules that help companies optimize the flight fares

    I would challenge these three points and add some nuances:

    Nr 3) This depends on the reality of your trip: why are you travelling? When do you need to be at destination? How long does your meeting/event last? Flying non-peak hours may involve spending 1 night onsite or may involve adjusting the schedule of your meeting. It's a good point from a traveller wellness perspective. I would encourage not to see such thing as a "cost cutting" factor but rather as an investment, and put yourself in the shoes of the travelers: they are travelling for business so may put on hold some aspects of their personal life. It should be seen as "taking care of your people" and optimize costs and traveler experience (which is the DNA of a managed travel programme).

    Nr 4) I am not sure this does sound realistic to impose as a rule in a context of a business trip. A trip gets moved, cancelled or postponed much more frequently than in leisure travel because of external factors. Also, bear in mind that contracts in place with suppliers and/or TMCs may involve change/modification.

    Nr 5) what about Duty of Care? How can you guarantee the safety/security of your employee? How can you track where exactly they are staying? In what system? I like that idea but I'd advise to consider here the bigger picture as well market specifics and regulations. USA is different from Europe ;-) Gamification might involve involve taxes in France or other countries in Europe for example as it's considered as a personal benefit. Staying with friends/family may be acceptable for numerous corporations.

  • Great points @Aurelie_Krau

    Traveling off-peak hours - It makes me anxious to fly in same day for anything. I also don't like getting up at 3 or 4am and taking an early morning flight because then I miss my workout AND am tired all day. I also don't like getting somewhere I don't know really late. For me, it's comfort, safety, and health. It will be a balance. I never liked when I worked for companies with policies that wouldn't let me fly in the evening before or made me do same days.

  • Once the economy is open companies are going to focus on reducing cost . Traveler experience and Safety I am sure will be evaluated by each individual company.

    3) There are some cities (Domestically) where it might be cheaper to stay a night vs a day trip. Look at short haul flights as an example cities like LAS. Off peak flights need to be identified for frequently traveled segments.

    4) I apologise I didn't not explain this one correctly. If you have an existing reservation from O_D pair you cant change it if there is a cost implication. If John has an existing reservation from LAX to SFO departing at 6 pm and if his last meeting gets cancelled and he decides to return on an earlier flight - John can proceed to take an earlier flight if there isn't a cost implication to the company.

    5) Staying with friends and Family might be more secure these days. Crisis change cultures . Just an idea .

    Cheers Stay Safe

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