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Duty of Care : Challenges


Tools like International SOS might not be 100% accurate . ISOS depends heavily on the TMC to report each PNR issued. This might be easier for tickets issued directly on GDS but involves a lot of manual intervention when the ticket is issued on a carrier that uses a low cost PSS like Navitaire or Radixx . PNR`s issued on Navitaire or Radixx require the TMC to create a passive segment on the GDS with the same itinerary details and then queue to ISOS.

GDS tickets will always have a PNR and Ticket Number. Most systems are issue 99 pax on a single PNR . If there are multiple pax on the same PNR they will have different ticket numbers. In terms of cancellation a particular ticket number can be cancelled within the PNR.

Non GDS or Low Cost PSS Tickets only have a PNR. Multiple pax will always have the same PNR . In terms of cancellation the pax the needs to be cancelled is spilt from the original PNR and a new PNR gets created which can then be cancelled.

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