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Travel Wellbeing .... Will it be a higher priority?

The current crisis has increased awareness of the challenges that we are all facing as Humans. 

As we emerge from the other side of the current restrictions do you feel that there will be an increase or a decrease in the focus of Travel Wellbeing? Will we even see Wellbeing considered as high a priority as Travel Safety?

Recently I posted a thought about the mental impact on those who are 'frequent traveller's'. How do we manage the mental impact of being grounded from the normal/routine to one that now means you cannot work in the same way? 

Now is the time to focus our attentions on providing new visions, plans and thoughts on travel wellbeing post crisis. We are all feeling the challenges of this moment, but do not know what the long term impact will be.

What do you think? Will Travel Wellbeing be a higher priority?


  • I absolutely think so. @Aurelie_Krau and I brought this up in a post two days ago and how it will impact mental health. I also brought it up on a post about ensuring that grounded travelers have a purpose. It's great that we are all focusing on this and that it's an important topic.

  • Thanks for your comments @WorkWellPlayMore, and @Aurelie_Krau did comment on a post I put out this week on the subject in LinkedIn.

    I have some concerns that it is still not that high in the sense of the understanding of the mental impact of the current crisis on us as humans. Over the past 10 days I have been trying to increase this in the line of sight, yet it does not seem to be getting any credible following.

    My thought is that now is the Critical time to work through these pieces. When we come back to a more normal world we want people to be healthy both physically and mentally.

  • In my recent discussions it's been interesting to hear 2 things:

    • One travel managers using the word "safety" and "traveler wellbeing" in the same sentence. There seems to be some global approach around "taking care of your people".
    • One travel manager saying that he has been conducting a survey with travelers to get a pulse on their feelings about travel when it resumes -with questions around comfort, mindset, timing of travel.

    I like the point you raise about the *mental impact* on grounded traveler, @Matman. As per our chats, wellbeing has become more than striving to provide a good operational service. It has some psychological component, essential to the success of a company, all the more because the success of a company depends on its people. Like we discussed in another thread with @WorkWellPlayMore as well, I believe frequent travelers/road warriors are particularly affected mentally (I must admit I'm one of those people!).

    👉️ What would you suggest a travel manager to do?

  • @Matman In the thread last week, I mentioned mental health and recommended Becky Sansbury, Executive Crisis Consultant, who helps companies in times of uncertainty - whether it is lay-offs, a co-worker with COVID-19, or natural disasters. Her book is After the Shock: Getting You Back On the Road to Resilience When Crisis Hits You Head On - She's able to help travelers and their families with the mental insecurities that some of us are now facing. I also discussed EAPs and if there are specific programs that focus on this. If not, this is an opportunity to bring them in and have people available for the traveler to speak with.

    @Aurelie_Krau I wonder if the survey that the travel manager you mentioned is doing will be a different set of responses a month or two months from now. Will tensions ease as it becomes our new normal or become higher?

  • Agree, it would be interesting. But it's also the other way around, not only tension, also frustration.

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