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[Next steps]: where do you get the latest information? How to work with your travel partners?

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At the present time, according to CNN, 93% of people around the world live in countries with coronavirus travel bans. I've been listening to several experts sharing their thoughts on travel resuming. They think it's most likely that countries will open up slowly: it may be progressive, we will probably experience several rounds of borders opening up and then closing temporarily, and most likely region by region.

In order to get ready to cope with what's ahead of us, I'd like to ask 3 questions to the community:

  1. Where do you get the latest information and keep up with updates? (e.g. travel restrictions/bans, public health recommendations, local measures such as self-quarantines... )
  2. How do you work together with your travel partners in this context? (e.g. TMC, hotels, airlines, IT providers)
  3. How do you consider adjusting your travel policy/processes in this climate of rapid change? (e.g. how do you make sure the above is reflected in your online booking tool, how do you coordinate with your TMC?)

To add some context, for example Business Insider explains the situation in Europe and the challenges ahead of us when it comes to re-opening borders. "Before March, traveling in Europe was as easy as going from state to state in the US with no passport checks on borders between 26 countries. Under the Schengen Agreement, most countries on the continent formally abolished border controls with one another in the spirit of continental unity. After entering Europe's external Schengen border, travel is largely unrestricted as countries become more interconnected".


  • Agree @carolinestrachan, this is a dynamic set of information that has changed and will continue to change on a daily basis. This should be reflected in different ways than a static document... Would I, as a traveler, read 80+ pages of updates to find out a) if regulations allow me to travel to XYZ destination? and b) if my company allows me to travel there? ... Not sure... There needs to be an easier more compelling and more travel manager and user-friendly way!

  • As business travel resumes, we expect to see route-based recovery as a means of safely getting back to business. We expect corporate travel to open up initially within countries for domestic travel, and then internationally between countries and cities that have effectively flattened the coronavirus curve. We've built and will be further enhancing features and functionality within the TripActions platform that provide travel managers and travelers with the data and insights they need to make real-time decisions about safely resuming their business travel.

  • This is excellent news Anique. I like that term "route-based recovery" I shall use that and credit you :-)

  • Agree with Caroline. I like that that thinking in terms of routes @Anique Drumright - essentially traveling is about getting from A to B, and this involves a combo of external components (states/governments decisions to re-open, airports (re)opening, airlines resuming operations on X route) and of internal components (what does the company policy allow on the top of that).

    This is great to hear about such enhancements at Point Of Sale! Please tag me when I can see the feature, the tech-geek me is looking forward to that.

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