We invite you to #PassThePlane - a paper airplane challenge — TripActions Community

We invite you to #PassThePlane - a paper airplane challenge

The average paper airplane flies about 6 feet. As a community that loves the power of human connection and how travel brings us together, let’s use paper airlines to build connections while we’re apart. We challenge you to join the #PassThePlane Facebook Group, build your paper airplane and let it fly!

Tag it with “#PassThePlane #City #State #Country [@friend social handles]” so everyone around the world can see where your paper airplane took flight.

Let's lift our spirits and connect while we are apart. Send a video of your plane in flight to your friends, colleagues and family.


  • Love this, I don't whether to start with my kids or my team ...

  • I started with my kids!

  • I called my niece in New York to get her onboard. She is only 4 years old so we built the plane together over Facetime and then passed it back and forth before shooting the video. Thanks for the fun idea and another way to connect with the little ones who are far away at the moment.

  • Love this!! Lifts my spirits. =)

  • What fun making my paper plane fly and see it soar! Thank you!

  • ✅ Prepare for take-off

    ✅ Adjust your seat belt 

    ✅ Slide arming 

    ✈️ #CDG / #SXB airport 🇫🇷 #France 


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