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Disney Vleisure for a weekend getaway? Check it out

With the weekend here, we could all use a little Vleisure getaway while we're safely home.

Found this cool post to experience some of Disney's top rides virtually. There's something for everyone and we all know Disneyland is "happiest place on earth."

I'm a big fan of Star Wars and the "Rise of the Resistance Full Experience" looks exciting (and no lines) and "Frozen Ever After" is joyful

Check these out and let me know which ones you liked?


  • I simply love the word Vleisure! -says a huge bleisure aficionado 😎😉

  • The good thing with vleisure trips to Disney, no waiting in long lines wondering "are we there yet?" 😉

  • True that! The only risk is Internet slow connection ha! 😉

  • Do I need a fast pass? This is great! I don't even care about Disney but sent this on. I love the ingenuity and creativity that they are using. I've heard of a few parks and zoos doing the same. It's a great way to keep people engaged and remembering them. Both a service and a great marketing effort at the same time.

  • The ride will last longer with slower WiFi @Aurelie_Krau !

  • But the ride will be more intense with Internet fiber @Greg Perotto 😎

    This weekend I've been to the British Museum!

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