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10 ways to grow your brand while you're at home thanks to Coronavirus.

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  1.  Plan out the rest of your social media content for the month, better yet, the quarter- *as best as you can amidst these unpredictable times*
  2.  Follow up on all the leads you got from 2020. Drop a quick email and say "hey, where did you get to with this project?"
  3. Thank you, referral partners, for sending you business
  4. Host an Instagram/Facebook/TikTok Live to show what you know
  5. Revamp your website copy
  6. Brainstorm a purely virtual service offering
  7. Get yourself set up with a Calendly account and add a hotline for a "Free 15 minute Discovery Call" to the bottom of your website
  8. Write a blog. Better yet, revisit your old blogs and fix outdated info or broken links
  9. Pitch yourself-send Media Kit to podcasts, webcasts, brands, and partners
  10. Create a survey for past clients to fill out and help you point out the holes in your process

Source:  " 10 ways to grow your brand while you're at home thanks to Coronavirus"  via Instagram @mkwcreative.co

Author: Michelle Wintersteen, Founder of MKW Creative Co .

Site: https://mkwcreative.co/


  • I like this set of advice!

    Based on my experience, I would add my 2-cents on a few of them:

    #1 - You cannot really plan everything. I'd suggest you need to remain a bit flexible. Posting updates that are contextual matters.

    #2 - I'd suggest to evaluate the situation. Maybe some hot leads back in 2019 are now not that 'hot' anymore because of the recent events. And vice-versa! Bottom line: be empathetic and also creative.

    #8 - Agree, content, content, content! This is how you showcase your talents :-)

  • I'm actually doing all of this with my website right now. My business hasn't slowed down for the day-to-day, but since I'm not traveling, I have that extra time on the evenings and weekends. It has allowed us to move from Mailchimp to Convertkit and we have spent two weeks going through EVERY OPT IN on our four sites and updating them appropriately.

    I've been taking the Pat Flynn marketing course (highly recommend) so this is giving us some time to learn and put into practice.

  • Agreed @WorkWellPlayMore now that I am not traveling constantly, I have had that extra time to dive deeper into projects, as well as pick up new skills. Thanks for the recommendation on the Pat Flynn the marketing course! Will look into it.

  • @Aurelie_Krau

    1. Being flexible is important-agreed ! 2. Being empathetic and also creative are key. Agreed again. 3. Content is KING!

  • @AnnaMono I'm in a beta group right now, but it is the Email Marketing Magic course from Smart Passive Income. SO GOOD. One of the best I've ever taken.

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