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Tips on increasing productivity with Slack

I have been working from home for the last two weeks now and have been finding Slack a great way to communicate with my team and others. Slack have a whole page dedicated to tips on how to make the most of their platform to increase productivity -

Does anyone have any other "working from home" recommendations?


  • Excited to try some of these out @Clionamo !

  • @Clionamo I find that scheduling daily 15 min syncs with your team members is a great way to keep in touch, stay updated on what everyone is working on, and gives you some guaranteed social interaction. It almost replaces the water cooler conversations! :)

  • @Clionamo Thanks for sharing. I need to up my slack game, especially while we're stuck at home.

  • love these thanks Cliona, sharing with our team now. I ashamed to admit I dont even have my slack/outlook sync on yet, will fix that now

  • I really like being able to call someone within Slack in order to expedite a conversation. You might bring up an interesting idea or conversation in the chat, and can then do a quick call with video or not to flesh it out. Very helpful!

  • yes we use slack calls all the time & screen share/write on screen

  • I must say the "shared channel" feature is a winner! It is very convenient to be able to share a channel between 2 organisations, hosted within your respective work space. Have you tried it @Clionamo ?

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