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Airbnb will work with hosts to house 100,000 COVID responders

Here's some nice news from the travel industry this week: Airbnb is working with hosts to help house 100,000 COVID responders around the world. According to Airbnb's CEO, over 500 hosts opened their homes to the program in the first hour.


  • This is great news, thanks for sharing this. I know that many regions around the United States and beyond are in need of hospital beds, its great to see a company step up when it can to support our global community. I hope they share stories about this in the future.

  • It really is fantastic. I read that Airbnb is reimbursing the hosts for the costs as well so it is a program that takes care of their users as well as their communities which are so essential to the business. I hope that other travel companies find their way through this challenge by reassessing how their assets and teams can best be used for the whole.

  • It's great to see companies being creative and pitching in when and where they can. Lots of people are also looking to help out, and Airbnb has uncovered a way - lot's of respect to them.

  • Really inspiring to see how AirBnb is giving back to the community <3

  • @gmartin - Through these challenges, it's encouraging to see how individuals + companies are opening up to support the community/world, and making a tremendous impact - one step at a time.

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