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How are companies handling events? Moving to virtual conferences?

While the convention industry is taking a huge financial hit during the coronavirus outbreak, it’s also being forced to innovate.

"More than 50 business-to-business trade shows have been canceled in 2020 through March 15, according to a March 18 blog post by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), a group that tracks the exhibition industry. In that same blog post, CEIR economist Allen Shaw said those cancelations have cost the economy approximately $1.8 billion, accounting for net square feet rented, show organizer revenue, and expected direct spending by conference exhibitors and attendees.

Conference organizers are getting creative among all the cancelations by converting some in-person conferences to online-only. Virtual conferences allow at least some of the information from conferences to be disseminated, without attendees taking the risk of being too close in proximity to one another. Moving conferences online helps attendees to access educational material, as well as accompanying credits, to maintain licensing and certification in their fields."

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