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Maintaining Team Spirit

Virtual Townhalls!!!

The biggest issue my company has faced since we began work-from-home has been maintaining the team spirit. Teammates have been scared and depressed. And their work has suffered: motivation has sagged and sales, and we saw attendant dips in productivity.

However, yesterday I had a virtual townhall and the mood has changed. The purpose of meeting was to discuss the current situation, connect about everyone's health, and discuss business. We accomplished all of our agenda goals and so much more.

In addition to the agenda, we tried to give a voice to all of our employees ... or at least as we could handle on one group call. Suffice to say that the team was so happy to see each other, even through a hangout service, that morale improved dramatically. We shared updates and stories of quarantine. But something else happened, the collective mood lifted.

Soon we were talking about creative ways to drive sales during this time. Our creative teams had great ideas on how to communicate with the public; fun and new ways to provide helpful content. Our sales teams suddenly came up with innovative ways to connect with consumers and buyers. It was not only the most fun meeting we have had, it was the most productive.

Since that meeting, I have seen very tangible results: our content has been amazing, sales have dramatically increased (yes, I understand it has only been one day); and the productivity of our entire team has gone through the roof!!!!!!

I received multiple emails and texts saying that this was the most fun they have had at work! There is definitely a renewed spirit!

I hope everyone reads and organizes a company town hall or group meeting. It was the rewarding company action we have taken!!!!

Keep safe. Keep healthy!


  • Thanks for sharing! I participated in a virtual trivia game this week and it was super fun. It definitely lifted my spirits!

  • @greggcolvin - Couldn't agree more. Bring everyone "together", connect often which I think is key under the circumstances, share, listen, focus, refresh and then go. Rinse + repeat.

    Curious - How are you (and anyone reading this) capturing ideas /feedback with virtual townhalls? Love to hear what's working or what people are trying to do.

  • I'm so glad this worked for your team @greggcolvin! My team had a Zoom walk last Friday, and we all just caught up with one another while everyone got out of the house and shared their surroundings. It was so much fun and provided an excellent, much needed mental break. I love the ways people are coming together during these times. Thank you for sharing!

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