Maintaining morale while working from home

As more and more cities enact guidelines for their residents to shelter in place and thousands of businesses that do not provide essential services must send workers home, there’s an ever-increasing need to maintain and boost team morale. At this point, everyone in my organization has been working from home for four days, and a lot of us are already feeling isolated and missing the camaraderie we have during our typical days in the office. My coworkers and I have been brainstorming different ways to maintain “office” culture as we face at least two more weeks of working from home. Here are a few that we’ve come up with:

  • Since we missed our in-person office happy hour for St. Patrick’s day, some folks hopped on a video call for a quick cheers after hours
  • Mental break + lunch over Zoom
  • “Zoom walks” to get some exercise and sun during brainstorming sessions, one on ones, or larger team meetings
  • Sharing photos of the pets and/or family we’re hunkering down with

Perhaps now more than ever, we’re all looking for reasons to smile. Most importantly, it’s key to remember that we’re all in this together and it’s okay to rely on each other as we navigate these uncertain times. What are some of the ways your team is boosting morale while working from home?


  • Love these ideas... Virtual happy hours have been a hit with my team!

  • Thanks for the tips! Especially the last one...even better when they pop in on zoom meetings!

  • Your ideas are really, really good, but I love that you thought of posting this for others to comment even more. I've found that over the past few days, leading conversations with clients and fellow teammates with empathy has been really helpful. Taking a moment to be human in every interaction has really "cleared the room" and made for a more personal interaction. Thanks again for sharing!

  • Great suggestions!

  • I just spoke with a client that shut the office down at 3pm today so that they could all watch a movie Netflix movie as a team at the same time. They're all logged into Zoom so that they can talk during the movie. I thought that was great idea. I've done this with friends before when I was traveling, and it always made me feel a little closer to home. :-)

  • Love this idea, Jason. Might use it myself. :) Thank you for looping back to share!

  • I haven't tried this yet, but I've been hearing a lot of people talking about Netflix Party:

    Looks like it's a way you can sync a Netflix movie / show with your friends and simultaneously open a group chat. Simple, but useful!

  • I've found that making a clean break between work after my last meeting/activity and taking time to decompress has helped me keep more productive the next day.

    I've been using the headspace app ( to help with this, taking 10 minutes between work and leisure to create a boundary.

  • @jtrip - Netflix Party looks awesome.

    On a thoughtful note - starting the day with Gratitude for the things that I do have in my life - family, friends, health, and the amazing community I am blessed with and belong to - bring strength, joy and absolute happiness.

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