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Duty of care best practices

In the past few weeks, my team and I have devoted a significant amount of time to ensuring business continuity for our customers and their travelers. Simultaneously, we’ve been experiencing the impact of the coronavirus on managing corporate travel for our own employees and their teams. We've been leveraging our own product’s business continuity features to ensure the safety and security of our employees.

This blog post highlights 10 best practices for providing duty of care: https://tripactions.com/blog/best-practices-duty-of-care


  • DaniaDania ✭✭

    @Nina Herold Great blog! TripActions live traveler map, showing where employees are traveling around the world, is such a valuable feature.

  • The 24/7 global travel agents support is so important. I can't stress how reassuring it is to know you have someone there no matter where you are to help you when you need it, especially during stressful times.

  • Another reason why travel program adoption is more important now than ever!

  • I found #2 on that list particularly helpful: "Proactively create a crisis response team with representatives from HR, operations, corporate travel, internal communications and PR who form the plan, regularly run practice drills and come together to manage situations as they arise."

    We prepare for so many potential disruptions to business, but we had not created a real game plan across all departments for something at this scale. While my company has been able to pivot and evolve quickly, I think the business world at large is learning an important lesson on how to prepare and executive response plans in the future.

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